About Donations for Dotty

As many of you know, our son Tyler was diagnosed with an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts in May, 2006 at only 21 months old.  Since then our daily lives require emergency medicines in tow.  Going out to eat is no longer in our vocabulary.  Trips to stores include avoiding isles with peanuts, the bakery and other high risk areas.  Because we have no way of knowing if a hotel room is safe, vacations never happen.  Unfortunately, these adult things are not the greatest loss.  Now six years old, Tyler should be bowling, playing at a friend’s house, or going to ball games without the fear of a life threatening situation.

For the first time these activities are within our reach with the help of an Allergy Alert dog from Angel Service Dogs, Inc. (ASDi) named Dotty.  An Allergy Alert Dog will add another “defense” against peanuts that we, as parents, can’t provide.  This dog is being trained to sniff out peanuts and peanut oil on items such as a shopping cart, bowling balls, movie theatre seats and common places others would take for granted as being “safe.”  And it gets even better!  Part of the specialized training Dotty will receive will not only help Tyler, but our entire family.

ASDi has provided peanut detection dogs for families just like ours, including families with children with autism.  This amazing organization’s first priority is to train a dog to open new doors with peanut detection.  Secondly, they have chosen a dog with a temperament geared to help our seven year old son, Toby, who has a high-functioning form of autism called Asperger’s.  The challenges that Toby faces on a daily basis include frustration or “melt-downs” over seemingly simple things:  a change in routine, being told “no” to a toy, or just being tired.  Toby has made great progress with therapy, but he can still become upset easily.  The calming effect of a well mannered service dog will help with these “meltdowns,” benefitting our family in ways we can only imagine.

We are humbly asking for your help in this new chapter of our lives.  The cost to train these dogs is expensive and includes an intensive mandatory two week training class in Colorado.  Our family needs to help raise $20,000 to cover these costs.  Donations can be made directly to Angel Service Dogs, Inc. (at http://www.AngelServiceDogs.com), a 501c3 organization which makes donations tax deductible (if using Paypal, please designate for the training of Dotty).   In the event Dotty does not pass certification, another dog will be trained with the same specifications and her fund will be transferred to that dog.  Additional funds will help train a dog for another family.

So, let me recapture how this will impact our lives:  ASDi is going to train Dotty for peanut detection for Tyler, and she (Dotty) has a gentle, calm, personality for Toby.  You can’t begin to imagine how this will change or lives:  play dates, ball games, movie theatres, and dare I say – a VACATION!!

Thank you for your time and consideration in helping our family.  We will forever be grateful to you.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Would you like to help the Resor Family raise funds for Dotty’s training? Your donation to Angel Service Dogs, Inc. is tax deductible.  Checks can be made payable and mailed to:

Angel Service Dogs, Inc. 3815 Highview Drive, Colorado Springs, CO  80908

Please list “Dotty” in the memo field of your check.

You can also visit www.AngelServiceDogs.com to make a donation.

If using Paypal, please designate for the training of Dotty.

We greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity.

The Resor Family – Katie, Troy, Toby & Tyler

Contact us:  kresor@hawkeyetel.com or 319-269-9291


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