Hello to everyone!!!  This post is LONG overdue, and I’m so sorry about that.  I know all of you have been wondering if we got Dotty yet.  And the answer is….YES!!  We’ve been home for two weeks now from our training in Colorado.  We were there for two weeks learning all about Dotty, how to do detection work, and how to continue her training when we are at home.  When we were in Colorado we got to do something that the boys don’t remember ever doing…eating out at a restaurant!!  That was a foreign experience to them.  We also go to do a little sight seeing when we were there.  Garden of the Gods, the zoo, the cliff dwellings and the Dinosaur Resource Center.  Oh, I almost forgot, there was an old west ghost town too!  The boys just had a ball!  Tyler really liked the mountains there – much bigger than Aunt Ginny’s mountains are!

We got to meet some really neat families there who all have the same issues that we do.  I know it was a first for us to be in that situation where someone else knows and understands the life that we lead.  We made some great friends there.

Dotty traveled really well for the entire 900 miles home.  It was a long drive, but she did awesome!  (And there is NOT a lot of room on the seat of my truck between the boys’ booster seats!!)  She had some great puppy raisers to get her used to being in the car.

Since we’ve been home we’ve made many trips to town already:  grocery store, Wal-Mart, farm store, music therapy, Sunday School, the vet, and we were a star at the eye doctor!!  Dotty has found peanuts for us every trip we’ve made!  What a good girl!!  And for her “secondary” job, she has been such a calming affect for Toby, we’ve never had such good trips to the store before.  He’s doing so great with her.

Next is to start her training here at home.  I have a few more items to get to start doing that here at home, and then off we will go!!!

It’s been crazy getting unpacked and back into our routine.  With two dogs and two little boys, it’s never a dull or quiet moment at our house.  I’ve almost gotten done with the thank you cards.  I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.  If I have, I’m really sorry, and it wasn’t intentional.  So, again, THANK YOU for all you have done for us!!!


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