Dotty passed certification!!

Dotty passed her certification tonight!!!!!! We are so excited and happy!!

In the last few weeks we have gotten to “meet” through Facebook some more of the families who will be at our training in October. It’s been really great to get to know them before the class.

Thank you to everyone who has had ANY part in helping us get Dotty: money, auction items, time, prayers, spreading the word, and just thinking of us. In the months (and years) to come I will continue with this blog (but I might need to come up with another name – any suggestions are welcome!!) to show you how you have helped to change our lives!!!

Time to start packing!!!


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1 Response to Dotty passed certification!!

  1. Melanie says:

    Maybe Dottie’s Journey or the …familylifejourney…I have remembered talking to you on the phone at US Cellular and plan on keeping up with you and your family. Blessing to you and yours! Melanie

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