The Dog Days of Summer

Not much new to report.  Two months from now we will be at the start of our training class.  School starts in two and a half weeks for us, so summer is quickly coming to an end.  Then we’ll have just enough time to start getting into the school routine before we pack up for the 900 mile trip west.  At least we will be in school long enough to get LOADS of homework to take with us to work on!!

We have about $4000 left to raise for Dotty.  We are starting an on-line Mary Kay party, where 20% of the sales go to Angel Service Dogs in Dotty’s name.  Thanks to a great friend for helping us out with that!  Here’s the information from the beauty consultant:

Who I am:
I am Jeanne Coburn, a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, and a friend of Katie Resor. I am thrilled to be supporting the Resor family in the placement of their Angel Service dog, Dotty. The Resors are SO CLOSE to finishing their fundraising campaign to receive Dotty. I know that they will be so relieved when the required funds are raised and they can just focus on the adjustment of Dotty to their family and getting her “working”.
What I’m doing:
I am offering 20% of the sales of all online orders received between August 10th and August 20th to benefit the Angel Service Dog adoption of Dotty for the Resors!!!!
How you can help:
There are two ways for you to support this most important cause.
1)    Place an order on my personal website (  for Mary Kay products between August 10th and 15th. All order receive FREE shipping throughout the continental United States (this is a Nationwide fundraiser!!). Pay with a credit/debit card through a secure server. 20% of your purchase price will go to the Angel Service Dog project for the Resor family!!!  When you reach the check out page of your order, please note in the comments box “Angel Service Dog” or “Resor family” so that I can give them the credit for your order.
2)    Forward this email today to at least 5 friends who do not know the Resor family, but know you. Orders can be received from and shipped to the 48 continental United States. Encourage them to order on my website to support this cause.  It is my wish that we can make this fundraiser go viral and provide the balance of the funds needed for the placement of Dotty by the end of August!!!

Thank you for your help and support!!! Every little bit helps!
Jeanne Coburn

We still have some change jars around our town.  Every time we check them we are thankful for the spare change that everyone has put into them.  You would be surprised how quickly that “pocket change” can add up!

We are starting to make a list of all the fun and cool things we’ll be able to see and do when Dotty is finally here.  So far:  bowling, the zoo, Living History Farms and Mall of America.  It’s almost overwhelming!  Pass along any ideas you have – please!

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather (at least it’s much cooler here).  Thanks again for your help and support!

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