Horse Show

Today we got to enjoy the beautiful weather at a local horse show.  Not just any horse show!  The NEISCA Youth show that was raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  St. Jude’s is such a great cause and they do so such great work there.  The NEISCA Youth Club also wanted to help out our family.  What they did was so cool!!

A LONG time ago I showed horses with this saddle club, and it was neat to see some familiar faces there.  What a great group of people.  Very generous and very caring.  During the break the announcer talked about our family and why we were raising funds for an allergy alert dog.  (Thanks Judy – you did an awesome job!!).  Then a couple of very nice ladies and a young boy took off through the stands and trailers with Tyler, Toby and me in tow.  They were selling cupcakes for free-will donations!  They were a big hit!  We had to refill the trays several times before we made it back to where we started!!

Tyler had a baseball game, so we couldn’t stay for the whole day.  But it was just really a fun, heart-warming experience.  Several people had told us they heard about us on the radio.  One man was talking with Tyler about some more details of our fundraising…Tyler got stuck on our area code, so I had to help him out.  This man is going to make a few phone calls this week…and he would be in touch with me!  I know times are tough right now for everyone, but there are some truly great people out there.  And EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!

So, a HUGE “Thank You!!!” to everyone who bought cupcakes today!  Thank you to the lady that stayed up until 2 a.m. this morning making six dozen cupcakes for today.  And Thank You Kathy for thinking of us and helping us out today.  As she told me…today is about the kids (the Youth club, St. Jude’s, my boys, etc.), and if we can’t take care of and help our kids, we are all in trouble!  You are all angels in my book!

Thanks to everyone, and we’ll see you next year at the Youth Show…along with Dotty!!

Katie, Troy, Toby & Tyler

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