Benefit Update, Plus More Info About Dotty

Hi Everyone!!

First, I want to let you know (for those of you who are local) that we have changed the date for our benefit and silent auction.  It happened that another family in town was also having a dinner and benefit at the same time, and we really wanted to have a great turnout for each family, so we changed ours.  It is now:  Sunday, July 31st from 11:30-1:30, and we’ll be serving lunch.  It’s still at St. Paul’s church in Waverly.  The silent auction will end at 1:30.  So, if you need something to do and want some great food…come on out!  (And you could even make it home for the end of the NASCAR race that day!!)

So far we have about 50 items for the silent auction.  Here are some of the items that we have:

*handmade denim rag quilt

*handmade throw quilt

*photo session and package

*round of golf

*Adventureland tickets

*Iowa Speedway tickets

*Sheree J. Wilson autographed photos

*Chuck Norris autographed photo

*auto detail

*bean bag toss game boards

*wildlife prints

*drawing of Christ with a cross and butterfly

*many themed baskets

*much, much more!!!!!

Many people have asked us when we get Dotty.  We will get her in October when we go to Colorado for two weeks of intensive training.  We don’t have the dates yet, but it’s only about 3 1/2 months away!!  Toby asked me today if there was a pool a the hotel that we would be staying at!

We got word that Dotty has entered her final training!!  She’s been with her new trainer now for a few weeks and things are going well for her!  Thank you to the Ross Family for being her guardian family before she entered her final stage of training before she comes to live with us!  It was great to be able to connect with them.  We’ve talked with them about how hard it must be to take a dog and love it so much and spend so much time with it, just to have to give it up.  I know that’s something our family probably would not be able to do, and it takes a special family to be able to do that.  It was hard to give her up I’m sure, but they truly know they are a part of something so much bigger!!  And you know what is really cool???  They have another dog already that they are being guardians for!!  So thank you from our family for the part you played in changing our lives.  And the family who will get your new dog will thank you just as much!!

Thanks for all the donations, time and prayers that you have given us!  We appreciate them all!

Katie, Troy, Toby and Tyler

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