We’re Coming Along!

I have a lot to update you on!!  My computer decided to die two weeks ago, and I lost everything.  Luckily I had backed up all my letters and hard work that I’ve done for this fundraiser…lesson learned!!  So, during that time that I was without, we have had some wonderful things happen for us!!

I mentioned that we will have a benefit supper and silent auction on Saturday, June 25th at our church (St. Paul’s in Waverly for those of you that are local).  I’m really happy with the items that have been donated for the silent auction.  Today I made a few phone calls around town, and I got donations from eight more businesses!!  How can you not LOVE small town Iowa!!  People who don’t even know you are willing to help!

I got an update today on where we are for our money…just a few weeks ago we were at one third of our way to the $20,000 we need to raise.  With some very generous donations that have come in during in the last week, we’ve increased that amount by a chunk.  Now, I don’t want to count my eggs before they’ve hatched, but I’m going to do a little figuring for you.  Our church is working on getting some matching funds for us for our benefit the end of the month.  If you take what we currently have, plus the matching funds, that will put us at just shy of half way there!!!  And by just shy, I mean, there are plenty of pop cans in the ditches of Iowa to pick up, that I could easily make up that difference!!!  So, for all of you local folks, I’m counting on you to come and have some great food and check out our great items for the silent auction so we can get those matching funds.

I’ll work on a more complete list of items for the silent auction and get those posted on here for you in the next week or so. (Nothing like doing some window shopping ahead of time!!)

From the bottom of our hearts, that you to everyone who has donated money, time, and auction items.  We couldn’t have come this far without each and every one of you!  I hope you know that you are helping to change the lives of two little boys who are very grateful for what you have done!

Thank you!!


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1 Response to We’re Coming Along!

  1. Ashley Bolin says:

    Hey Katie.
    What a great adventure for your family. I would love to donate for your auction. Also I would love to helo out by having a PC fundraiser if you want. It is the same catalog and prices, just instead of free products, you get $ and I donate my commission too. Let me know what you think!

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