Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone. I’ve been busy connecting with some of the families who are a part of the Angel Service Dog family. Technology is amazing!! I just got off the phone with a family five states away!! They were sharing with me some of the successful fund-raising ideas that they had. They leave to go and get their dog in 17 days!! I asked her how many hours – I don’t want days now!! Their family also has an autistic child, just like ours, so that was really neat to talk with them.

I’m starting to get ideas together for a dinner and silent auction. I’ve got some great leads on items to auction off, so when the time comes and if you live in the area, you might want to check them out!!

Again we’ve been blessed and pleasantly surprised by the people who have approached us with questions as well as wanting to make donations for Dotty. You truly have no idea how humbling an experience this has been, and we are only getting started.

We leave in October, so we have until then to raise our money. Sorry, I’m not to the point of counting days yet, but when that time comes, you can bet that I will let you know!!! For now, five and a half months is what we are looking at!!

Thank you everyone!


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