A Surprise Visit

So, sometimes surprises can be a good thing or a bad thing.  The family that has Dotty right now happened to be in “our neck of the woods” this week.  They were only about 100 miles away.  We didn’t know if we could pull it off, but it worked into their trip to drive up to see us!!  Just in case something would happen that they couldn’t make it, we didn’t tell the boys.  So, Toby and Tyler had it in their heads that they wanted to go swimming tonight.  Well, about 15 minutes after we got home from school, a van pulled into our yard.  Tyler watched as the door opened up and out jumped Dotty!  He knew right away who it was.  Toby wasn’t quite as excited.  Normally when we will have something that isn’t in his “schedule” we talk about it before hand.  I mean, we talk about it for DAYS ahead of time, if not a week or two.  He does pretty well then.  And he did great today, knowing that he didn’t have notice before hand.

The visit was just amazing!!  Tyler has been worried that when we get Dotty that she won’t like him.  All of those fears were squelched today!  She just loves little boys!  And she loved playing with our dog Reed!  Poor Reed.  That little girl just ran circles around him!!  They were great together, but he was out cold within two minutes of her leaving.  He was so tired from trying to keep up with her!

Dotty still has a LOT of training to complete, so when we get her in October she will be a totally different dog.  Today Tyler got to hold her leash when we came in the house, and she led him all around the house – the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, all the bedrooms and the basement.  Her family told us that when she is trained that is what she is supposed to do – go from room to room looking for peanuts!!!

We had a great visit with her family as well.  Such a nice family!  There are no words to express how much we appreciate what they are doing.  I can’t imagine having a dog to love and take care of, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to keep it!  That truly takes a special family.  We can’t wait to get to see them again in October when Dotty graduates!!

Thanks for checking in!  We appreciate all the prayers and donations!

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